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From:Steve Corder
Comments:Just checking to see if this works...

From:Asif Sheikh
Comments:Venerable Sir It is matter of pleasure for me to reveal that companies like you are dealing with the task of coping the year 2000 problem. Such endeavors remain everlasting. I have also heard that companies like you need professionals to meet this problem. I am computer freak since 1987 and working as a computer hardware/software/internet consultant with a private company since 1991. I have hand on hardware and assembled several computers in my career and also familiar with hardware/software trouble shooting. I am familiar will most of Microsoft Softwares and many graphic softwares especially Corel Draw 8. Microsoft invite me when any workshop or seminar hold in my country and on the other hand I am member of Compaq, HP and Sony webs and receive newsletters, bulletins and products information which comes from time to time. I would like to join your esteemed organization for meeting Y2K problem and to encompass onward complications and to the prosperity of your organization. I am hardworking man. I will work hard with more efficiently if I have better chance and increase in my income. I am wondering if you would respond me positively. Thanking You in Anticipation Remain Sincerely Asif Sheikh 17-Abid Majeed Road Lahore Cantt - Pakistan Phone: 9242-6664890-2 (3 Lines) Fax: 9242-6654480 E mail: raco@brain.net.pk fidvi@hotmail.com

From:Geoff Davidian
Comments:I just thought that sine you link to the City of Cookeville's Web page you might also consider linking to The Putnam Pit, http://www.putnampit.com , which offers the side of commerce and tourism in Cookeville that the city does not have the inclination to publicize. Thanks.

From:Cliff Seals
Comments:Nice Site.

From:Jake R
Comments:Nice website! Best wishes to you.

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