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We designed and implemented our guest book for the following reasons:

  1. Visitors who want to make a comment regarding this site and related technical matters may browse it for that purpose.

  2. Visitors who are interested in other people's comments may browse it

  3. It is an example of using Active Server Pages to access a database and perform corresponding elementary operations - inserts and retrievals.  If a visitor adds her comment to the database, she may browse the guest book later and verify that the comment was properly saved in the database.

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Disclaimer:   ABZ Solutions will regularly review the Guestbook's content and take every reasonable measure to remove or modify entries inconsistent with its intended purpose.   However, due to the nature and openness of Web communications, ABZ Solutions cannot prevent the appearance of inappropriate contents in the Guestbook.  The Guestbook's content depends on every visitor's individual responsibility and judgement.