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Current Portfolio of Products for iSeries

We are currently offering the following four utilities, too simple for big vendors and too complex for small shops:

Copy Message Description

The Copy Message Description (CPYMSGD) command copies specified message description to another message file or to another message description in the same message file (see image of the command prompt screen). It can be used, for example, to perform the following tasks:
Demo version of the command cannot change the message ID of copied message description.

Format Journal Entries

The Format Journal Entries (FMTJRN) command starts a process that retrieves and formats journal entries for a specified physical data file (see image of the command prompt screen). The process consists of the following steps:
If process is successful, it creates physical data file with formatted journal entries, which can be accessed with any file or query utility, or with a custom application program.

Demo version of the utility works for files with up to fifteen fields.

Scan Data File Field

The Scan Data File Field (SCNDBFF) command scans specified field of the specified data file and lists all corresponding values present in the file (see image of the command prompt screen). If the scan operation is successful, list of values includes count of records containing a value and corresponding percentage relative to the total number of records.The main purpose of the command is identification and count of different values certain non-unique code fields have. It could be handy particularly when exploring undocumented systems.The command has a limited capacity - it can scan fields with up to 100 different values. If that condition is satisfied, the command will produce the complete list of values, with counts and percentages (see pdf version of an example). If specified field has more than 100 different values, the command just lists the first 100 values it encounters.The command works for the following data field types:
Demo version of the utility works for alpha fields only.

Browse Data File

The Browse Data File (BRSDBF) utility is an original and powerful browsing utility (sample prompt for the corresponding command is shown here). Since its functionality is limited to browsing, it is not a replacement for commonly used file utilities. However, due to its versatile and practical UI, and to its integrity in special cases - like e.g., browsing files with variable length keys or files with multiple formats, it could be a nice and useful supplement for many shops. Several screen shots are provided to illustrate look and feel of the utility:
Demo version of the utility has the following limitation – it supports browsing of files with up to 1000 records and with up to 15 fields in the record format. However, demo version can still be used to explore a record format and its fields’ definitions, and even print corresponding report, which can come handy by itself.

Shipping options

Demo versions are shipped free, as four stand-alone utilities.

Full versions are shipped upon receipt of payment in the amount of $149.00 USA. Full versions of the three utilities providing data files related functionality – i.e. Format Journal Entries (FMTJRN), Scan Data File Field (SCNDBFF), and Browse Data File (BRSDBF) – are shipped with common front-end interface WRKDBF (Work With Data Files), which further enhances their usability. It adds list and select convenience – an example of the corresponding list view is shown here.

How to order

To order demo version of the utilities:
The CD with the demo will be shipped by US mail, at no charge, within a week after your order has been received.
To order full version of all three utilities:
ABZ Solutions
132 Coravan Ct
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
The CD with utilities will be shipped by US mail, with no additional charge, within a week after your order has been received.