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An Example of OO programming in VB.Net

This is the presentation of one of many exercises on our technologies journey with no plan. The particular exercise is exercise in OO VB programming.

Subject of the exercise is development of a calculator that performs basic dates arithmetic operations:

This subject is balanced in the sense that implied functionality is non-trivial, on one side, but simple enough and self-contained for effortless comprehension, on the other side.

Calculator in action

Design of the sample calculator application is an example of MVC-like separation of concerns and structuring. It specifies, well, three main components and tasks them as follows:

The code includes comments providing design details.

Here is the corresponding simplified class diagram.

The application is developed using Visual Studio 2005 and converted to Visual Studio 2008. Complete VS 2008 project is offered for download in a ZIP file.

Comments and suggestions are welcome – send them to zoran@abzsolutions.com.